Our First Christmas Alone


This year James and I couldn't afford to fly home to be with our families and even if we could,  I didn't have vacation days.

But this Christmas is turning into a wonderful, relaxing holiday.

My family tradition is to have Swiss style cheese fondue every year on Christmas Eve and I want to continue that tradition. So I bought my first fondue set and James and I had a romantic, quiet dinner. James even gave up his P90x diet in order to enjoy dinner.

James gave me my gift when I woke up (after a fun scavenger hunt through the apartment) and I got my toaster/egg cooker machine! Plus he had bought eggs, english muffins, cheese, and champagne for me to make my breakfast!
I gave him his presents at dinner. 

Afterwards we watched Christmas Vacation and relaxed on the couch. While we aren't with family, it was really nice.

Tonight we have a really nice, expensive dinner at Azurea the restaurant at One Ocean Hotel and Resort. I'm excited to get dressed up and not cook!

I hope everyone's Christmas is wonderful where ever they are.

Oh... and it's 67 degrees here right now :) 


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