German Glass Napkin Ring Tutorial

I actually completed a craft enough for me to post pictures... shocking I know. I have like 8 crafts sitting around just waiting for one more step before they are finished. So my goal with those is to finish them before the new year. Which means a trip to Joann's and Michael's in the near future!

But anyways, I made these last minute last night before James's and my first Christmas Eve dinner alone. I thought they turned out great for a quick 20 minute project. I plan to pick up more after napkin rings on sale and try a few different ideas.

Items Needed:

napkin rings
spray adhesive
clear/white large grit German Glass

I bought these napkin rings from Target knowing I would do something to fix them up. They were pretty plain and cheap looking and just asking for someone to take them home and save them. So I did.
First, I apologize for the photos in that it is really dark in my living room. I couldn't use natural light so I had to lighten the photos up for you to see them.

To keep the ring part of the napkin ring from getting glass on it, I used paper to protect it.
Then I used spray adhesive, removed the paper, and dipped the snowflake into the German Glass. After it dried, I put the napkin ring back in the paper and sprayed the sealant. Super easy and gave the napkin ring just enough shine to look special on the table.
I'm not sure if next time I want to spray paint the snowflakes with metallics and then German Glass them or use my Martha Stewart metallic glitter. Thoughts?


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