I Have a Serious Dilemma

Today I joined a political party that I didn't know existed. How did this happen? I went to the DMV. Completely reasonable, right? Let me back up and explain how this happened and then ask for your help.

In Florida, you can register to vote when you are at the DMV. Being a civic minded individual, I registered... and then the delightful (sarcasm) public servant asked what political party I would like to join.

I replied "Independent".

Apparently one should not do so in Florida because you will find yourself, not independent, but a member of the Independence Party of Florida. See I was trying to be all cool and anti-establishment... and then I found myself part of a group. Sigh.

So you'd think "Hmm, Independence Party? They must believe in something cool, like succeeding from the Union." Well, you'd be wrong. They believe in something boring like fiscal responsibility. All the party platforms are about holding the government responsible, both fiscally and through measures such as term limits. So my dreams of being part of an unintentionally funny political party were dashed.

Now I'm stuck. Do I stay part of the Independence Party of Florida, do I register as unaffiliated, ......... or ........... do I purposely join a really cool political party like the American Aristocrats Political Party. Option C right? Well now I have two problems:

2. Do I still join if the parties listed (except for Prohibition Party and Surfers Party) are most likely scams all started by a man named Josue Larose? See this and that.

So now I'm torn. What should I do?

Also, there is still the Super Secret Option D(? I lost count): start my own political party. According to the Free Republic,

"In Florida, if someone names a chairman and treasurer, and files quarterly financial reports with the Secretary of State’s office, they’re official; there are no fees, and there seems to be no standing regulation on party names or purpose, much less on good taste."

Is it bad I want to do this? I'm thinking of The Party Party. We will build on our pro-party platform. Obviously we will not be joining forces with the Prohibition Party, but I'm thinking the Surfers might be up for it.

So please help me and tell me what you think. Leave me your suggestions in the comments.


Anonymous said...

i will be treasurer of your political party; you'll have to not get mad when i blow all the money on booze.


Liz4aker said...

Ms Sarah,

As a Party Party member, it is your duty to blow all money on booze. As long as I'm there. Otherwise I would be pissed.

BTW all meetings will be held on Tuesday. But I figured you knew that already.

Anonymous said...

oh yea, duh.

btw, you've gotten me totally addicted to land's end canvas. i'm so broke right now, but am stalking several pieces.

Liz4aker said...

Heads up that everything runs 2 sizes big.. at least. My sickness right now is my stalking over ModCloth work dresses and Etsy jewelry. Not allowing myself to buy new jewelry until I make my first sale though.

Nick said...

LOL "The Party Party". I'm liking that one.

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