Patting Myself on the Back & Summer Printables

I'm really, really, really proud of myself right now.

Like, wanting to run up to random people on the street and say "Look! Look what I can do!"

Because I pulled off something I didn't think I would ever do really well. I made my first really good looking printables. I used Photoshop for the first time in 6 years. 6 years. Let's put that in perspective. The last time I used photoshop, I could have birth and sent my kid off to kindergarten. Crazy right?

But still... I'm really excited with the outcome.

So even if you aren't impressed... pretend.

And with out further ado:

If I didn't have a juvenile cottonmouth trying to kill me outside my door my prints would be picked up from Walmart, in frames, and on my wall.

Feel free to shower me in praise.


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