The World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party

I just finished a long week of work, networking, and entertaining a house guest. Becky was our first house guest since moving in together and it was a blast. But now I'm tired and looking at a full week of work. So I'll just put up pictures of the Florida/ Georgia game.

I took Becky to the Landing to experience the madness. I could tell stories of the day... but those really aren't my stories to share.

Starting the day out right

Double Long Islands

The Landing

Rocking the Black and Red

Finishing up the night

I'm exhausted again just looking at the photos.


Just Another Day on the Job


I Used to Have Free Time

Lately life has been a blur of work, networking, sleep, and unpacking. I have so much going on I don't have the time to do the things I need to (laundry, dishes, unpacking) let alone the things I want to do (crafts, more sleep, decorating, cooking.) I know things will slow down once I'm in a routine and not working so hard to meet people/get contacts for work. It will also be great once James is able to pick up half the chores as well. Oh well, soon enough. Could be worse and I could be sitting at home bored!

So I had lunch today with a really kick ass woman I met earlier this month at the art walk. It was great to meet someone I had a real connection with and the conversation was so easy. We made plans to intro the boys, so hopefully the couple thing works out :)

Anyways, during lunch I kept mentioning how I really miss the leaves changing and I brought up my trip a few years ago to SC to visit Amanda and Mike during my last fall break at Miami. The trip was amazing, seeing the leaves progressively change was amazing, and Amanda's hospitality is always amazing. Amanda always makes me want to step up my homemaking skills because my cooking seriously lacks compared to hers. Plus she loves to get creative in the kitchen and forces me to do things out of my comfort zone (ie microwavable dinners). So I thought I'd post a few photos of the fun we had in the kitchen and the time I wish I had to get crafty like this :)

Those are chocolate and caramel covered apples. The lumps are choc covered raisins I used as spiders on my spiderwebs.


Lotsa Random

I haven't posted for awhile because my camera battery has died. And I can't find my charger. And I have more boxes to unpack. And I have laundry to do... and I really have no excuses. I slacked... sorry. I also have no excuse for the non-sequiturs that will follow. Please, if you know what's good for you, stop reading. There is no point to this post.

But in exciting news, I have my first "follower". Thank you Mike!

I actually got to craft Friday night and hopefully soon I'll have photos up of it. It turned out so much better than I hoped. It's a Halloween wreath.

Congrats to Amuse Bouche for her making it into the top 100. While she didn't make it onto the next round, she did amazing for being such a new blogger.

I've decided that absolutely anyone can release a hit single. Thank you autotune. Exhibit A : Willow Smith. Yes... Will Smith's daughter. Check out "Whip My Hair." Seriously. You'll probably be singing along in the car before you know it. It will be in your iTunes playlist right after "Bedroom Intruder" and "Don't Be Tardy for the Party."

So I haven't watched the Real Housewives franchises... until the other night. Holy cow. If those are the people you have to hang out with when you become fabulously wealthy... no thank you.

I'm obsessed with the Android app Grocery IQ. It sorts my list, finds me coupons, and... when you use up something, you just scan the barcode and it adds it to your list for you!!! I was out of Target in record time.

I bought fixings for green monster smoothies. My goal is to replace my morning caffeine with a healthy energy shake. I will probably gross out everyone in the office with my shake, but hey I'll be so much healthier. I even bought the hippie additives ground flax seed and chlorella.

I can't wait for election season to be over.

Are you still here reading? Why? What's wrong with you?


These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

One bad habit I've developed while waiting for James to come home every night is web surfing randomly. This always leads to me finding things that I didn't know existed, but I now desperately needed.

So these are a few of the items I am coveting right now. So if you need x-mas present ideas...

This is a gorge camera bag by Jo Totes. How stunning and un-camera bag-ish is it?

Love love love this faux vintage necklace on Etsy.

No words. And sold out on ModCloth :(

As James likes to say "Good to have goals."


I Have a Serious Dilemma

Today I joined a political party that I didn't know existed. How did this happen? I went to the DMV. Completely reasonable, right? Let me back up and explain how this happened and then ask for your help.

In Florida, you can register to vote when you are at the DMV. Being a civic minded individual, I registered... and then the delightful (sarcasm) public servant asked what political party I would like to join.

I replied "Independent".

Apparently one should not do so in Florida because you will find yourself, not independent, but a member of the Independence Party of Florida. See I was trying to be all cool and anti-establishment... and then I found myself part of a group. Sigh.

So you'd think "Hmm, Independence Party? They must believe in something cool, like succeeding from the Union." Well, you'd be wrong. They believe in something boring like fiscal responsibility. All the party platforms are about holding the government responsible, both fiscally and through measures such as term limits. So my dreams of being part of an unintentionally funny political party were dashed.

Now I'm stuck. Do I stay part of the Independence Party of Florida, do I register as unaffiliated, ......... or ........... do I purposely join a really cool political party like the American Aristocrats Political Party. Option C right? Well now I have two problems:

2. Do I still join if the parties listed (except for Prohibition Party and Surfers Party) are most likely scams all started by a man named Josue Larose? See this and that.

So now I'm torn. What should I do?

Also, there is still the Super Secret Option D(? I lost count): start my own political party. According to the Free Republic,

"In Florida, if someone names a chairman and treasurer, and files quarterly financial reports with the Secretary of State’s office, they’re official; there are no fees, and there seems to be no standing regulation on party names or purpose, much less on good taste."

Is it bad I want to do this? I'm thinking of The Party Party. We will build on our pro-party platform. Obviously we will not be joining forces with the Prohibition Party, but I'm thinking the Surfers might be up for it.

So please help me and tell me what you think. Leave me your suggestions in the comments.


Happy Birthday James

Happy Birthday Baby, you do look like a monkey (and smell like one too)... but I still love you.


Remember This?

This will be in my head all night.