Crafting ADD

I'm sure this is pretty normal for crafters... but I have crafting ADD.

It is bad.

I start making a craft...

                             ... almost finish...

... and then get bored and stop.

Vintage old book I half way turned into a journal. Still unfinished.


realize I have one missing material and take three months to buy it.

Sometimes I even finish and get super pumped. I think...

"This is it. I have found my true medium and I will be come rich and famous making only this (or at least cover the cost of materials.)"

And then I never make it again (see my candle making supplies).

Etched glass candles I made for Sarah (before I put in the wax)

I'm like 90% sure my favorite part of crafting is the planning of the craft.

Dreaming of the decisions: blue or green? Pearl or bead?

And then I like sharing my craft.

Middle part? Kind of frustrating...

Unless wine is involved.
So right now I'm on a jewelry making kick.


Have you seen this craft? I really wanna make it.

Family members and blog land readers (are you out there? Leave comments!)... please send toilet paper tubes!

Craft and image via Suzy's Sitcom


Suzy said...

Thanks for the feature!! And if you have any questions when you are making your wall art, just ask!

As for UFO's (Unfinished objects), I have that issue too. That is why this year, my only resolution was to finish one UFO per month. And I had tons to choose from. You might want to come and join my UFO club. Sometimes it is easier to tackle projects together.


Liz4aker said...

Thanks for visiting! I'd love to join your UFO club. I have an almost finished mardi gras wreath and I just can't bring myself to actually fix it. And I know I need to.

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