Why I Can't Watch Wedding Shows Anymore

I used to love the horribly fascinating "reality" shows about weddings. Rich Bride, Poor Bride; Bridezilla (even James couldn't help but watch); and Platinum Weddings were amazing escape shows that allowed me to judge people happily from the comfort of my couch.

But now I'm wedding planning...

...And these shows stress me out.

HAVE YOU SEEN "MY FAIR WEDDING"???? My Fair Wedding with David Tutera is basically telling these brides "You are tacky. So tacky I can't even deal with the idea of you being tacky even if I weren't attending."

And this is now my nightmare. What happens if you have people over for dinner and have a bouquet centerpiece on the table? Nothing. What happens when you suddenly have a bouquet at a wedding? People judge your taste based on the flower combination you choose. Why do you people care? They are dead plants. This is not an extension of my taste. It is a decision I made one day, that mainly was about money because I care more about getting you drunk (for free) than dead things I carry for one hour.

Has anyone seen the Alfred Angelo commercials playing nonstop right now?

Oh mah gosh... I dared to buy a sample dress rather than a "made for me" specialty wedding dress. How can I twirl happily on the beach knowing I'm not wearing an overpriced dress that was made by the same company that made my mother's dress? I'm pretty sure I'll still be able to twirl.

So I'm sure if you aren't wedding planning right now you think I'm overreacting. And I probably am.


That still doesn't change that weddings have changed from celebrating two people's love for each other to events that are just asking for people to judge how much money is spent, the couples' taste, and how beautiful the bride looks. I know because I have been to weddings. I have heard people (and am guilty myself of) judging weddings posted on facebook.

Why does it matter exactly how much I weigh that day? Why does it matter whether I have Michelle Obama arms or arms that jiggle more than jello? Why? It is one day in my life. I'm going to have many more days in my life. But what conversation did James and I have tonight? What diet/work out schedule am I planning on starting now in order to get in shape for the wedding. I'm starting with "Couch to 5k" before I start James' P90X work out.

I am not even wedding crazy. I don't care about half the things the wedding machine tells me I need to obsess about, but that hasn't stopped me from having my first wedding nightmare.

How have other people dealt with the stress and pressure of wedding planning?

Because tomorrow it will be 11 months till the wedding and I am sick of thinking about it. But now I have to pull pics for the wedding website.

BTW how fabulous is that photo? I die.


Sarah Partridge said...

i love this post.
xo sarah.

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