How is it Monday Already? And Why Do I Look Like I'm 50?

My life seems to be on warp speed lately. My days fly by without me getting half the work done I feel I need (this is a good thing... I think) and nights are filled with events and meetings. I'm exhausted... which is why I catch up on sleep on the weekend.

And all this means no blogging or crafting :(   If this is your time waster at work, I apologize for leaving you hanging lately.

So with all that said, all this work is giving me the worst dark under eye circles and puffiness. I catch my reflection in the mirror and I look like I did in college after an all night-er booze fest. Or like I partied with Sarah and Becky in Chicago. Which is basically the same thing. Is it my fault that the Hangge Uppe is dark and you lose all track of time and suddenly it is 6 am?

So thankfully my handy list of blogs I follow has some advice:

Not sure how badly I want to try this, but "Twelve Crafts till Christmas" suggests grated potatoes and unsweetened applesauce.

Then Classy Cosmetics had a whole post on concealer for eye circles. Loving Benefit as much as I do, I think a stop off at Sephora is in my immediate future.

Hopefully this week I'll be able to take some me time and make some jewelry... if I have the energy.


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