Sew Cool

One of the skills that I wish I knew and is making a serious comeback is sewing. With my clothes budget severely slashed, I'm getting pretty sick of wearing the same clothes basically everyday. Which is why I'm seriously jealous of those who can sew. How amazing is it that someone can take a simple Target staple and make it unique? Or turn Goodwill finds into serious closet gold? Or be really crafty and make something from scratch like my amazing friend Christina.

A few weeks ago on our crafting day, Christina made an apron while I started 3 crafts and finished none. *Sigh* I need to seriously work on finishing something!

Anyways how freaking adorable is she and her apron?
The pleating around her pocket is my favorite.

We then realized that we forgot a photo with her ribbon.

So on my list of "wants" is a sewing machine and sewing lessons. Photography classes are still higher on the list (see awfulness of my photos above), but then definitely sewing.

Because I want one of these in every color ever: via The Sisters 4 Say

I would probably wear this with jeans every chance I had: via Disney at Ruffles and Stuff

And my solution for surviving Florida summers... The Circle Skirt: via Made

I will make this in basically any fabric I find.
I have probably 40 more tutorials saved on my bookmark list on just clothes I don't have the skills yet to make, but maybe sewing will be my 2012 resolution. But in the meantime... Christina please help me with the circle skirt!


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