Things I Could Be Doing Right Now

I'm tired, but I can't fall asleep. I was being all super productive working on a piece of art for the house/office (not sure where yet) and James walks out of the bedroom. Now first of all, James is that guy who literally puts his head on the pillow and is fast asleep. Pisses. me. off. But for whatever reason, James couldn't sleep so he asks me to come to bed. This was 9:30 so I figured, sure why not try to go to bed?

Only I can't fall asleep.

Three episodes of Arrested Development later and I realize "I've made a huge mistake" or really I'm just not tired enough to fall asleep. So I get up and head to the living room to wait until I'm tired like all the books say. But now I'm tired enough to do nothing productive, but not tired enough to go to sleep.

So I decided to torture myself with what I COULD be doing instead of updating my blog.

1. Finishing my wall art.
2. Vacuum the living room.
3. Go grocery shopping at the 24 hr Walmart.
4. Painting my toe nails.
5. Laundry.
6. Pricing quotes for work.
7. Updating my resume, writing the essay, and finishing the paper work for ImpactJax mentor program (resume is for the program.)
8. Reading literary classics
9. Reading a crappy chick lit book
10. Reading a magazine.
11. Organizing my computer bookmarks.
12. Uploading photos from my camera to write a craft post.
13. Writing a craft post and saving it until I have the photos ready.
14. Writing my family.
15. Writing letters to Congress telling them to stop trying to take women's rights away.
16. Writing Congress telling them to stop writing stupid bills that won't pass just to appease their base and start instead get stuff done that is needed but doesn't make a good commercial/ news piece.

And now I have tired myself out and hopefully can get some sleep.

Also in general James and I have made some amazing progress in wedding planning. Just need a DJ and we can take a break from planning for about a month. YAY!!!

And because posts are boring without photos...

I took that five years ago (March 27, 2006) while in Antibes, France (South of France next to Cannes).

Eze Village, France same weekend

World Famous rocky beach in Nice, France

I seriously have the travel bug again.


Progression of My Work Attire

First Real Internship Interview


"Please hire me. I am energetic, own the same black suit from Express every other Junior owns, and wear my hair up so you'll take me seriously."

First Few Weeks at Internship

"I'm still dress blandly enough that my clothes and hair won't make a statement, but my accessories show I take pride in what I wear."

After I Realized I Did Nothing But Drive Really Long Distances to Take Photos of Gas Stations

"Basketball shorts, t-shirts, and flip flops rule. My boss won't see this because Facebook is not yet popular enough that adults actually have accounts."

First Real Job (same company)

"If I just buy lots of button down shirts and neutral pants, I can always get dressed based on what is actually clean and not worry if it matches."

After I Realize My Customers Wear Carhartts and Jeans


"Polo shirts don't need ironed. Also doing my hair is overrated."

After I Realize I Work From Home

"I woke up at 6 am to start answering emails from my psycho boss and since it is now 6 pm, why bother changing now?"
First Two Months in New Sales Job (Current Company)


"You should take me seriously because my shoes, awesome suit dress, and kick ass jewelry mean business."

After I Realize I Can Wear Jeans to the Office on Days Other Than Friday

"Maybe if I wear a bracelet and necklace you won't notice I haven't worn anything other than jeans and ballet flats for two months now."


"Try taking away my rotation of three draped sweaters, t-shirts, and jeans away from me and I will cut you. I am not kidding. Just try. Also doing your hair is for losers."

Once It Hits 95 Degrees Every Day

 I have no idea how I am going to cope.


Still Alive and Kicking

Helloooooooo Blogland!

I am still alive, not maimed, and not homeless. So I have that going for me... which is nice.

However I have been swamped with work, wedding planning, family stuff, and just life in general.

So please stay tuned and I will try to be a fabulous crafting, snarky, blogger again soon.

And because we all love him....