New Obsession

One of the parts of photography that I didn't realize going in to it was the difficulty of deciding what lenses to buy. Lenses are expensive!

Luckily, there is a new website named LensHero. This website is built around helping you decided what lens to buy for your personal needs.

How it works is a simple three step process.

First you enter your camera and budget. I selected my camera (Canon EOS Rebel t2i) and then my budget. Sadly my budget is not that high with planning a wedding and saving for a house, so I picked $300. This part was simple and straight forward.

Second, you decided what type of lens you are interested in buying. The options available are macro, wide angle, telephoto, fisheye, tilt-shift, portrait, sports and action, landscape, low light, wild life, travel, and all lenses. I chose portrait.

Then you can choose a zoom option. This option wasn't as clear on what exactly you were choosing. Was this a range you were willing to accept? It had to have a zoom kit with those ranges? As a newbie to photography I was a little confused. But I left that section blank and it still worked.

Third, you hit go... and lenses with reviews appear. My suggestion was a Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II which is the lens suggested for newbies like me by other sources.


One suggestion I would like to make to the site is that they have a section that suggests lenses for newbies just getting into photography. Quality lenses that I can grow with as I learn.

As the site is still new, I expect changes will occur to continue to improve but it already is being added to my favorite sites as I decide what lenses to buy.


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