It's Official (and has been for well over a week)

Sorry for the lack of updating, life got in the way as it sometimes does. James and I had an out of town funeral to attend and then there was lots of catching up to do at work.



Yes, it actually happened. The Earth did not stop spinning, pigs did not fly, and while the South has frozen over... hell has not. But it actually happened :)

So December 10, 2011 I will become Mrs. L Klein, which is exactly my MIL's name (Linda). Which I'm sure some psych major could have a field day with that coincidence, but at least I'll be able to stop spelling my last name 4 times over the phone every time I make a reservation.

So where is it happening?

The Sandbar Restaurant on Anna Maria Island, FL.

This is the restaurant that my family has been going to for 20-some years right on the beach by my grandfather's house. It is absolutely beautiful with white sand beach and the most gorgeous sunsets every night. So it has history for my family, an unbeatable view, and won't break the bank. The best part is that by having a complete destination wedding on the beach, I can throw out all traditions I don't like and make my own rules. So I am pumped :)

At the beginning of the post is a photo of the sunset on the beach (via Sandbar website)

And here is the pavilion where the reception will be held


Anonymous said...

Liz! Congratulations! That's so exciting!!! I'm freezing my butt off up here in Atlanta...Can't be too much warmer by you? Hope to see you soon!~Amanda G.

Liz4aker said...

Oh my gosh it is freezing here. Literally!

Thank you. I'm going dress shopping this week :)

When are you going to get your behind down here and visit???

Michael Hanshaw said...

If it's by your grandpa's house, that's a great traditon in itself.

Liz4aker said...

Thanks Mike. That is really sweet. It is also special because I don't think he could travel so having it close means he will be part of the day.

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