I Love Christmas Sales

Today I hit Joann's during my lunch break and I stocked up on some fabulous sale items, gorge ribbons including the ribbon to finally finish my Halloween wreath*, and some beautiful fabric.

I'm seriously counting the minutes till Friday when I'll actually be able to go outside during the day and spray paint. I don't think anyone has ever been this excited to do something so simple.

In in even more SHOCKING news... I finished another craft tonight. Two in one week? What is happening to me? I'll post pictures tomorrow when I actually wear it.

But I'm off to bed early, I'm exhausted.

*Halloween wreath story... I came up with this amazing wreath idea and almost completed it. And then I ran out of ribbon. And it wasn't restocked until now, so I've had a 90% finished wreath sitting on my desk for two months. I'm finally going to finish it tomorrow :)


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