What Have I Gotten Myself Into?!?!

To be fair to team pie, I decided to do a quick double post tonight.

I studied abroad in college with a Miss Whitney from the fabulous food blog Amuse Bouche. Everyone needs to go over there and marvel at the amazing dishes she creates (and also vote for her blog on Project Food Blog at Food Buzz). It's ok... I'll wait while you go ahead.

Now that I have shamelessly promoted her blog, I have to give a big thanks to Miss Whitney for helping a girl out. I am not a baker. At all. Pillsbury slice and bake cookies are about my level (if they make it into the oven and not my mouth first). I can cook, but just like the chefs on Top Chef, I am hopeless at desserts. So I decided to make James's favorite dessert, pumpkin pie, from scratch for his birthday this weekend. Logic... it fails me... I know. Whitney gave me a great recipe (and devoted a post to helping me) so I am determined to see this through. My Sunday is now devoted to pie making.

I'm sure embarrassing photos and stories will follow.

Also this is no longer a surprise for James, b/c last night he decided to tell me not to bring cake or pie to the office. I, already having planned this, decided to wait a night and then tell James "too bad I'm doing it anyways." He changed his mind and is excited. <--- makings of a good husband :)


Whitney said...

Aww guuuurrrrrl you are going to kill it in the kitchen with that pie! :)

Liz4aker said...

Aww thanks. But if it doesn't I'll totally blame it on Florida's strange trucked in pumpkins (even though they look like Midwest pumpkins).

Nick said...

Hey - it looks delicious! You'll get better :)

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