Team Cake or Team Pie?

James and I have been engaged for over a year now, but haven't really begun wedding planning.
We've visited a few venues and discussed different things, but no date has been set and no deposit made on a venue. Some women might be freaking out, but James and I always focused more on being in the same state than planning a wedding. We had too many variables to worry about that were much more important than wedding favors.

But now we are in the same state, in the same apartment even, and I'm starting to look at the wedding blogs again. I can't do any real planning until James is done with elections, but I can start growing the inspiration folder again.

Throughout the interwebs, the never-ending battle of team cake vs team pie is everywhere. I, however, am only team cake if it is ice cream cake and will eat fruit pies, but don't crave them. So when it comes to wedding cake, I could completely do without. But the darling James actually wants cake, so cake there will be (even though you are looking at $300+ for bad tasting dessert). I didn't even like the look of wedding cakes, until now.

I am in love with this cake. le sigh. If only I had a $100,000 budget.

Cake on the left via The Inspired Bride


Anonymous said...

forget the cake- get the blue cake stand!!!


Liz4aker said...

I know... completely gorge. Why are cake stands so pretty and so impractical?

Nick said...

Wedding cakes look amazing but often don't taste that great. I'd go for something simple and good tasting!

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