Sleepless Nights Equals Two Posts

I'm having trouble falling asleep tonight. Sleep issues aren't new to me, but tonight's issues are related to:
  1. "Working Out" right before bed. I am completely claiming packing as working out because of the heavy lifting... well just give it to me because I had an elevated heart rate. I am about as far from a gym rat as can be right now, because of how hard is it to make yourself go to the gym when you are working on your lap top from your bed. I guess I'l actually have to go when I live in Florida. Anyways packing up to 30 min from bedtime didn't help falling asleep.
  2. My type A-ness is freaking out because they (the movers) didn't give me a window of time of when the movers will arrive. All I got was "it will probably be in the AM. The driver will call you." I want a window of time even if it is a cable company window of 10 am - 6 pm! So I'll be anxious until I get the phone call even though I have nowhere to be tomorrow except here.
  3. I read a really moving blog today and I can't stop thinking about it. CNN had an article back in April I just now read about terminally ill bloggers blogging about death. One of the highlighted writers was Eva Markvoort who blogged for almost 4 years about her struggles with Cystic Fibrosis, her double lung transplant, life after the transplant, and then her body's rejection of the lungs. She died March 27 of this year at age 25. I can't even put into words how heartbreaking it was to see her get well after her transplant and then see her decline, already knowing the outcome. What grabbed me the most was what she accomplished in her 25 years. She became an advocate for organ donation (are you a registered organ donor?), was the subject of a documentary, and pushed herself to competing in dragonboating and charity walkathons. This woman was the same age I am now and that, of course, resonated with me and lead me to think about the goals I want to set for myself.
So... here is the beginning of my list of goals I want to achieve in the next 4.5 yrs (by my 30th birthday).

Liz's Awesome List of Awesome Things to do Before Thirty (which is not old)
  1. Get married. - Basically I just have to plan the sucker. James already committed and now it is up to me to get the ball rolling again.
  2. Buy a house.
  3. Get a puppy. - James talked me into waiting until we have a house or this would be off the list, like, tomorrow.
  4. Be in a career that makes me happy. - Hopefully this new job/company allows me to cross this off the list!
  5. Run a 5k. - See above about what an accomplishment this would be.
  6. Travel to another continent that isn't Europe.
  7. Knit a full sweater... that I can actually wear out of the house.
  8. Really learn how to cook.
  9. Become conversational again in German or French.
  10. Become handy. - My grandfather was amazing at woodworking and had his own workshop in the basement that was bigger than any bedroom I've ever had. I really want to learn how to build and fix things since my first instinct has always been to call someone. Maybe not to my grandfather's level, but I at least want to be able to do simple projects.
  11. Become a skilled photographer. - Meaning I know the technical theory behind all manual settings. I can't guarantee I'll be a good photographer.
  12. See the Northeast during peak fall foliage time. - Yes, I know that makes me old, but I bet New England would be perfect for wearing that sweater I plan on knitting. :)
  13. Driving all of Route 66. - Preferably with a female friend. Sarah, you in?
  14. Not have kids. - I don't want to start having kids until I'm 30. I want time to enjoy being young and being married (see #1) before my life changes that dramatically. So goal is to stay childless.
  15. Start donating more time and money to worthy charities. -I have been so blessed to be healthy and able to focus on dreams like travel that I want to make sure I don't take it for granted.
  16. Floss every day.
Obviously this list will have more items added in the future, but it's a start.

I hope that everyone who visits this post checks out her blog. Sometimes we need a reminder to stay strong during our own battles and to keep fighting. But even if you don't read it, please become organ donors.


Does anyone know how to fix it in html so the numbers aren't cut off?


Nick said...

It's awesome that you have this list going. It's great to have goals and it puts things into perspective really well. Good luck!

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