An Awesome Evening of Shopping

Added to list of things I'm going to miss about Indy: shopping and hibachi with Carol. Not sure how I'm going to function without her once I'm in Jax. I assume large cell phone bills from texting and calling are in my future.

One of my favorite things about shopping with Carol is that she has an amazing eye for deals. That girl can find the most adorable stuff at Kohl's and Old Navy and then mix it with high end labels. We have pretty different taste in clothing (her- bright prints and color, me - neutrals/ east coast preppy) but we always agree on shoes and handbags. Anyways at H&M, Carol found me the most adorable black dress for $5!!!! on the sale rack. Love love love this girl :)

Also, Lands End Canvas had some awesome items, but the shirts aren't long enough for me and they run out of sizes quickly. The sales girl mentioned they've only been around since Nov. 09 and that they are still growing. I'm excited to see if they work that out in the future. I did, however, find some fab skirts for work that I can't wait to rock.

Photo from http://treasures-inthecloset.blogspot.com/ . The belt is not part of the dress.


Nick said...

Very nice! H&M puts some great things out at great prices, but you have to be careful about quality with them. Some things are lower than others. But hey for five bucks who cares if it tears after a few wears ;)

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