Six Years Ago I Was a Huge Dork

My dad sent me an email earlier this week asking me if I knew my old Xanga account was still active. No I did not. I'm not sure how he found it, because through the job searching phase I repeatedly googled myself and never came across it. This was also distressing because my dad probably shouldn't be reading the posts on there. College Freshman-Juniors are idiots and say stupid things. If you are in college, I apologize, but in 6 years you will be horrified/very amused at the things you thought/did (I'm sure this will still be the case in another 6 years). Also, never start what amounts to be a public diary. No one needs to know about the fight you had with your roommate/boyfriend. Get a notebook or at least a word doc and write in there.

Anyways, I was looking through it today and I found a post from 6 years ago, Labor Day, Monday, September 6, 2004. Besides the fact I was excited that the dates lined up, I thought I'd share it because the post is relatively tame and relates a moment in time that I will always look back fondly on.

So I leave you with a post from my college sophomore year, visiting my parents at their boat on Lake Erie. Names have been changed and my edits are in green.

Monday, 06 September 2004

definition: Labor Day weekend- noun- The first three day weekend of the school year when you spend every minute drunk off your a** remembering why summer is soo awesome. Yeah, Labor Day wasn't the only time you spent drunk in college.

Went to the lake for the weekend and had an amazing time. Saw my lake friend Bobby who I haven;t seen in like (count the 'likes' in the post. It's sad) 2 yrs and too much time had gone by. Had an amazing dinner Saturday at the Sandusky Yacht Club as usual with their all you can eat seafood buffet. Then went back to the boat and watched tv with my brother who I really haven't hung out with enough lately. Sunday my godparents came up to the lake and we had a fabulous 4 hr sail and came back to our dock party that was a pirate themed with a huge table of food. Sally my roommate came to visit me because we had gone 48-hrs without seeing each other and as pathetic as it was.. we really wanted to hang out again. Most of the semester we didn't speak, so enjoy that while it lasts Past Liz. So we ran some errands and then Sally, Bobby and I went to get some beer and went and sat on the pier and talk. We sat out there forever and just had a great time catching up. Then Sally got really tired so we decided to drop Sally off and then Bobby and I would stay up and talk some more. Well I stop off to use the bathroom and I left the magnetic swipe card in the bathroom. The marina had everything locked and only accessible by this swipe card. It was 1 am and no one was around. We needed a swip card to get into the marina and we needed a swipe to get back into the restroom. Soo being my fault i decided that I would get us out of trouble. Sally and Bobby hoisted my drunk ass over the d*** 6 1/2 ft fence with spikes on top and I like killed myself on the way down. I left (or let) them in and drop(ped) Sally off at my boat and then Bobby and I finished off the 12 pack, talked, and called it a night. This morning I woke up with a huge a** bruise on my arm and my leg. Plus I have a sunburn and sun poisoning!! But all in all the weekend was sweet and I had a great time. Past Liz apparently didn't believe in editing.

I'm thinking about keeping up Xanga, at least for now, until I take the time to copy the whole thing to a word document or back it up somehow. I want to save it to embarrass my future kids, but also reading the other posts reminded me that every stage of life has its problems and this too shall pass.


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