I Might Not Hate Indiana...

Anyone who has been friends for me for the last few years knows my level of distaste of Indiana almost rivals my hatred of Missouri. Mainly because I live in the burbs and am kind of a bitch. But anyways, I actually discovered some things I will actually miss about Indiana after I move.

People Watching

One of the best people watching experiences I ever had here was attending the Indiana State Fair. I'm not a stranger to the awesomeness of state/county fairs having grown up in Ohio... but this was different.

Carol and I found great cheap tickets to go see Kelli Pickler and Rascal Flatts (yeah Ohio) at the fair. While the concert was great, the people watching was better.

Exhibit A

That is what the radio host from the local state fair decided to wear while interviewing people for front tickets. Cut off. Plaid. Can you buy this? Did he make it? I couldn't stop staring.

Exhibit B

Sorry for the blurriness of the second photo. But... cut offs... plaid... and cowboy boots!!! This was real! Also I saw more short sundresses and cowboy boots than a 1995 Seventeen magazine.


A John Deere pulling a trolley around the fair



Because I live so far north, I never really explored downtown. I have done the whole Circle Center thing for work functions and bar hopping during conventions, but I never really explored the Mass Ave area till recently. If I had known how amazing the area was and the normal people there, I would have moved/lived there a long time ago... but then maybe I wouldn't have wanted to move to Florida. So everything happens for a reason.

Today Sarah and I had brunch and coffee in Mass Ave and it was the perfect fall day... crisp... sunny... perfect sweater weather :)

Cool Art

Mass Ave Starbucks

LED Dancing Lady... Drunk Liz is endlessly entertained by this

Cheap Champagne

Sarah and I decided after a long day of eating, drinking coffee, and shopping that what we needed was more food and drinks. So I decided to start checking off my champagne to do list.

Sarah with a bellini (total lie... it was a mimosa)

Terrible photo of me (look how pale I am!)... but look at my awesome hibiscus champagne. There was even a hibiscus flower in it, which was not as gross as it sounds.

Not pictured were the blackberry (Sarah) and Lavender (mine). Add sandwiches and duck fat fries and we are still stuffed.

So all in all, Indiana has it's moments... but I can't wait for the beach!

Also sorry for the world's longest post. I promise the next one won't be so long.


Nick said...

LOL! I Love the led dancing lady. So funny :)

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