Wedding Idea

So today I attended my 7th million networking event and I met the wife of executive chef and owner of Bistro Aix located in historic San Marco. I have only eaten once at Bistro Aix, but the food was seasonal and tasty, and the atmosphere was city chic. And then it hit me... I could have my wedding reception there. I never thought about having a wedding reception at a restaurant until I started reading the Broke Ass Bride website. The creators had their wedding at a cute restaurant and it was special, beautiful, and really reasonably priced. Plus, if things work out, I could even get married this coming spring and be finally done with all this stupid wedding stuff*. So the owner's wife and I will be in touch and it is on the list of places to check out.

*Weddings are not stupid. I'm just not a Bridezilla type and would rather spend the money on something more important like a house or retirement. A wedding is 4 hours, a marriage is a lifetime. I'd rather spend money on something that will last longer than an open bottle of champagne.

Also... and warning this is political... I strongly believe that the rights awarded to heterosexual married couples should be awarded to homosexual committed couples as well. I don't care if a religion wants to accept it or not, it is a legal contract that all consenting adults should have the right to enter if they so choose.

So anyways... restaurant reception... awesome or tacky?


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