Highlight of My Week

I have been battling a major sinus infection for a few weeks now. I don't have health insurance until January, so I have been trying to rid it in nonprescription ways.

Well Monday I had to go to Walgreens during the day to have the pharmacist help me out with some advice. Well as I left in my sinus headache/cold med haze, a homeless, 20-something hippie guy on a bike approaches me. He hits me up for some change and I turn him down. So end of conversation, right?

No. He then proceeds to tell me "You look nice today. Would you like to go out on a date sometime?"

Dude. You are on a bike and asked me for money. Obviously I'd have to drive, pay, and have you come back to my place. Besides the fact I'm engaged... just no.

*Guy in picture is not him. But it gives you an idea of what happened. Same dreads though.


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