Infinite Possibilties

One of the perks of my job is that I get to play with really nice paper. Like... really nice paper. Very expensive paper. The type that only gets used for special occasions like weddings or annual reports when you want people to ignore that your company is losing money.

See, paper companies want printers to upsell projects by pushing better paper. They do this by giving us "swatch books".

Each book contains a line of paper. For example, Neenah Classic Linen (green book) as shown above. In the book you will find samples of all the Classic Linen colors and what paper weights you can buy each color in. Each brand has many lines and each line has many colors. This means lots of swatch books with lots of paper. These swatch books are updated frequently to reflect changes to the lines and paper salesmen pop into the different printer offices and replace the books.

So why did I just bore you with this information? Well I do have a point. My very awesome paper salesman, Bob Cain of Mac Paper, has been saving me old swatch books. I now have two big boxes of old swatch books to craft with.

So what am I going to do with these small pieces of paper? I'm thinking paper flower bouquets to start.

I mean how cute are these flowers?

So now with infinite possibilities of projects to start, I'm enjoying the brain storming before actually starting. We'll see what I eventually settle on and if I actually finish... but at the very least, I have the nicest scrap paper on the planet.


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