When Crafts Go Wrong (An Office Dry Erase Board Tutorial)

Even though I have been terrible about posting, some crafting has been occurring. You would think that with the longer day light and not as many weekends traveling that I would be a crafting fiend. But sadly I have been neglecting crafting instead pouring my energy into my work life. Even my crafting has revolved around my work life, which nicely segue ways into today's craft.

My office is a noisy place with lots of voices and constant phone calls. I am an extremely lucky lady who has an office door, but I usually feel extremely rude shutting my door. I also needed a way to let project managers know whether or not it was okay to disturb me. So it started with me taping ugly paper signs on my door.

And then the crafting light went off in my head.

"Ah ha! I will make a pretty dry erase board for my office!"

And it was a brilliant plan.

But then the project started, it sucked, and then I salvaged it.


So learn from my mistakes and follow along of you would like.

Please Knock: An Office Dry Erase Board Tutorial

Begin with ugly frame from Dollar Tree. This one is 8x10. Remove glass and backing.

Spray paint awesome Ocean Blue color. Ignore fact that craft was done in February and therefore photos are once again taken in dark apartment late at night.

Ignore fact that bugs kept landing in spray painted areas and leave marks after you dig out bug bodies.

Decide frame looks boring. Decide that trendy craft blog idea of modpodging glitter to frame will be awesome. Use German Glass Glitter instead of tiny glitter.

Panic as you realize how cruddy frame looks.

Panic more. Then realize that majority of glitter can be scraped off if you rub really hard with paper towels. (See right side of frame versus left)

Insert left over scrapbook paper behind glass. Put back on frame backing. Hate project a little less than you did an hour ago.

"Decide" glitter gives depth and say screw it.

Hang on office door with Command brand hook.

Write Please Knock or Do Not Disturb as needed in awesome purple dry erase marker.

Wait while office mates wonder why you put so much effort into project and instead bring "Do Not Disturb" door hanger from hotel.

Beat head on desk.



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