Airspace- A New Rule

Everyone knows space on a plane or any form of public transportation is limited. This is not a new concept.

And usually the unspoken rule on a plane is that the middle seat gets the arm rests.

But apparently I missed the memo that women were exempt from that rule.


Dudes, I get it. You think your "package" is just soooooooooooooooooo big that you think you need to spread your legs apart as far as possible in order to not smoosh the crown jewels.

You think that is fine because women are taught to take up as little space as possible.


I'm a 5'10" woman. I also need room for my knees and if you are going to spread your legs to the point that your leg touches mine the WHOLE 3 HR FLIGHT... you best give me the arm rests.

The "gentleman" next to me this weekend decided I didn't deserve the whole armrest (he gave me half). And by gave, I mean I elbowed his arm out of the way until I could take at least half. And at that point, I stopped pushing because my entire right side of my body was touching his.


So new rule.

 If your package is "too big" to confine your legs to your seat area, my boobs (which take up more sq in than your crotch) demand my arms and elbows take over the entire upper seated area.

It is only fair.

Non compliance will result in me explaining (in length) any relationship issues, frenemy stories, or knitting patterns that I so choose. Further non compliance will result in graphic detail of any womanly issue I feel like discussing (e.g. periods, UTIs, birth, etc) until you are the appropriate distance away from me.

Just try me.

Oh, and have a nice flight.


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