How Does Everyone Take These Photos???? - Anthro Bonheur Necklace Tutorial

So I just want to start off my post by saying... How do all the other crafters manage the one handed shot in the mirror??!!?!?!?? I could not for the life of my figure this out. My body always ended up looking distorted and awful, let alone the camera was in almost every shot. Also... it sucks I can't take photos during the day. Taking photos in my dark apartment is not fun.

But besides all that. Enjoy! My take on two different necklaces out there.

My first necklace I did last week was my take on Mrs. Priss's Anthro Bonheur Necklace.

Her Necklace


I did mine a bit differently than hers. I used an opaque white fabric to make the circles and strung pearl beads onto elastic thread. I'm really happy with the outcome. My coworkers are trying to convince me to hold a lunch and learn at work to teach them to make these. I think I'm going to remake it with pink flowers next time.


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