Voicemail From My Dad

My dad and I get along really well and have an interesting relationship. I didn't start getting close to my dad until high school when my mom and I couldn't be in the room without making the other person scream or cry. It was a tough period of time. Anyways when all a teenager wants is someone to treat them like an adult, my dad was great at holding conversations about history, current events, and politics and listening to my point of view. I think that was the point where my dad stopped being a "dad" and became a friend. I should also mention my dad has a twisted sense of humor.

So here is what my dad left on my voicemail tonight:

"Hi. Congratulations. You're officially out of work and unemployed, at least for a little while. Talk to you later, bye."

Yes, Dad. I'm unemployed for a whole week. Which I am being paid for by my old company (yay 4.5 vacation days!) I'll make sure I think of you when I'm on the beach.


Nick said...

Pretty funny haha! Glad to hear you've got a good relationship with your Dad - keep that up!

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